XCS - 427 Price: POA

Last Updated On: 20/02/2016

The XCS 427 is a faithfull visual replica of the iconic 60's sports car, and joins a number of well-made cars of this type on the market. However, the XCS 427 has a trick up it sleeve in the form of CC&AR, or Camber Compensation and Anti-roll. This patented double wishbone suspension system, fitted to the front and rear, allows for greater grip, reduced roll and a supple ride (see bottom r/h photo).

At the the heart of the XCS 427 is an immensely stiff, lightweight, round-tube chassis that proved to be so aesthetically pleasing that it was decided to use it as a visual identifier within the car (see top r/h photo). This chassis will accept an exceptionally wide range of V8 power units, including Ford and Chevrolet big blocks and the increasingly popular, all-aluminium LS units. Transmission is a 5-speed Tremec TKO 500/600 gearbox.

The exterior of the car features bespoke Halibrand polished 3 piece aluminium wheels, a handmade, stainless steel twin side-pipe exhaust, plus several other stainless steel fittings, including 2" diameter rool hoops.

Inside, the XCS 427 has longer & wider footwells and a lower seating position making it possible to accommodate an unusually broad spectrum of drivers and passengers with heights of up to 6’ 5” and even beyond!  There is a luxurious full-leather interior with contrasting double-stitch paneling throughout, plus a new XCS leather-covered, contoured dash with comprehensive electronic instrumentation, switchgear and LED warning lights.

The XCS 427 is also available as a self-build project

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