• CCM Spitfire Scrambler - (Motorbikes)
    CCM Spitfire Scrambler - (Motorbikes)
  • Bill Rawles Austin Healey 100S - (Heritage Sports/Track Day/Competition)
    Bill Rawles Austin Healey 100S - (Heritage Sports/Track Day/Competition)
  • Land Rover Discovery - (Prestige/4x4/SUV)
    Land Rover Discovery - (Prestige/4x4/SUV)
  • Detroit Electric SP:01 - (Sports/Electric)
    Detroit Electric SP:01 - (Sports/Electric)
  • Honda Civic Type R - (Sports)
    Honda Civic Type R - (Sports)

Welcome to britishbuiltcars.co.uk - the first and only website to list, in detail, not just every known car, van and motorbike, but other specialist wheeled transport, currently* made in the UK!

Every known current British-built car is featured in detail, from small hatchbacks, crossovers, electric, hybrids, and SUVs to luxurious limousines and 200mph+ hypercars. The site also lists a wide range of factory-built sports and racing cars, including 'Heritage Sports', 'Track Day', 'Competition' cars and Go-karts.

Although cars make up the vast majority of listings, the site also contains details on motorbikes, go-karts and specialist vehicles, including some military ones. Also one van!

If our crowdfunding project (see below) is successful, we hope to expand the site to include more commecial transport such as trucks and buses, as well as making other significant improvements.

Our Video Library contains 302 searchable videos. All performance and fuel consumption figures are in km/h and L/100km as well as mph and mpg. The site also features links to 106 car/bike/van reviews by the leading motoring press.

The site contains over 90 manufacturers, making more than 200 different models, from large volume producers to small companies building just a handful of vehicles a year. Each listing contains a direct link to the manufacturer.

*some models may be in a pre-production stage, with a register of interest and/or orders being taken.

Thank you very much for visiting britishbuiltcars.co.uk.


We are a not for profit information website and currently have a crowdfunding project in place to enable us to improve, enlarge and promote the site so that we can reach more people worldwide. It is the only site of its kind and we believe that increasing worldwide awareness of the vital British car manufacturing industry is more important than ever, particularly over the next couple of uncertain years. We hope you can support us. Many thanks.

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Riversimple | Fully Charged
  • Published on 11 May 2016 An extraordinary company, headed by an extraordinary man. Riversimple have a plan, and it completely changes the accepted model of the automotive industry. Sell lots of cars, make sure it costs a lot to keep them going, make sure people pay for fuel. No one can buy a Riversimple car, but you could pay to use one, and you'd never pay for fuel or repairs. http://riversimple.com/ https://www.patreon.com/bobbyllew
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Peak Caterham: Which mad Cat should you take home?
  • Published on 11 Apr 2018 Subscribe 3.4K At the peak of the Brecon Beacons sits the peak of Caterham's line up, a 620S and 420R. Both of these ultimate editions of the Caterham Seven ethos are very capable of hunting hypercars, but in these tricky, cold, slippery conditions, which of these cars gives the bigger buzz?
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